Sunday, February 11, 2007

Repeating the names of Love

There is a hadith that says, “Man-Ahaba-shai’an-asfala-Zikrahu”. When a person love someone very much he loves to mention this person’s name repeatedly and always think of that person. When you repeatedly mention the name of the person you love and constantly remember that person then more love comes into your heart. Similarly when a person mentions and repeats the name “Allah Allah” more love for Allah Almighty comes into this person’s heart. When this servant (abid) makes this zikr Allah Almighty looks and says, “My servant is calling My name and making zikr on Me (remembering Me). He is calling Me by My greatest and holiest name “Allah Allah”. What is he asking from Me?” Allah Almighty knows what His servant is asking. This is so even though the servant may not know. When you say, “Allah Allah Allah” or “Haq Haq Haq” or “Hu Hu Hu” or “Ya kaiyoom” or any other holy name, Divine Appearances come from that holy name that you are mentioning.

taken from Repitition of names increases The Love For The Named:Giving and Taking Love with Salawat.

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