Sunday, August 12, 2007

Never blame Decree (Qadr) when you sin

Be cautious that when you commit a sin, never ever should you blame it on the decree (qadar) of Allah which causes you to sin, and say that it all happens because it was written as such for yourself, in which you have no control over it. The above-mentioned is considered an invalid excuse that would not benefit you. On the contrary, such an action could endanger yourself and causes you to distant yourself from Allah Most High, that the effect would be you being condemned by Allah and being distant from His mercy.

Affirm that believing in the decree, the good of it or bad of it, is obligatory upon the basis of belief (aqidah) and protesting toward Allah Most High is not permissible. In actual fact, it is considered among acts that greatly endangers oneself and a major sin. As long as man could choose within his control, then there is no basis for him to abandon any of the commands of Allah or to commit any of that which He prohibited. Thus, it is obsolete to say: O, this has already been decreed by God to happen unto me! Or, this has already been written upon me! In fact, from which source is it that he knows all that?!

It is true that the topic of decree is indeed very difficult to be understood in totality, being a very complicated concept, that it is difficult to know the branches of it (even) by the elites of the scholars, what then for the masses.

- Translated from the Malay translation (by Syed Ahmad Semait) of al-Imam al-Habib ‘Abdullah al-Haddad’s Ad-Da’wah At-Tammah

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abuzuhri shin said...

The Wind of Destiny is ever kind
eventhough we cannot garsp fully
like this seeker named zhoudong qin
grow up embraced by light of Islam
more than 30 years ago in k.lumpur
Now the Blue Mountain of wisdom shines and gather the clouds of strength and generosity to others.