Sunday, February 10, 2008

The love of Habib Umar

Yesterday was the last lecture of Habib Umar bin Hafiz at al Wehdah. It end with an emotional doa by Habib himself as he bid farewell to us before he travel to Malaysia after the lecture. During the series of lectures, Habib had given us many spiritual advices and also cultivating our love for the Beloved Prophet Muhammad sa.w. Indeed, it was vital for us to realize the important of Habib Umar advice especially on refining our character, on how we should be a good example as a muslim to other society like how the sufis in the past had done by spreading the religion of Islam with love and peace. It has nothing to do with violence and hatred. It is through the love, compassion and humanity that we build bridges between the people of different culture and race. The beloved Prophet's teaching was purely base on love. And those who sincerely love the Prophet s.a.w knows Love.

We doa that we are able to meet him again in our Beloved country. May Allah bless him and may we benefit from his series of lectures.

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