Sunday, February 19, 2012


Oh gosh! Its been a very long time since I had posted something here..Oh time flies. I am not sure if I should continue this blog or changing it to a new name but my wife often refused to allow me to do so for some nostalgia moment. Well, in life we always have this moment of nostalgia, phrasing from one stage to another. My English is not good enough for me to write even though I am trying hard enough to be a writer. I realize passion alone wont be able to make you a good writer. One thing I learn for sure, when you discpline yourself well and focus on things you need to achieve. You will get the result through certainty which you gain from the journey you are going through from time to time. In the end what matter the most is that we realize it is Allah who make things happen. So discipline and focus. Biznillah

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