Thursday, January 22, 2009

Love the Prophet s.a.w or the drums?

Everyone claimed to love the Prophet s.a.w including myself. Its not easy by using our tongue and said we love the prophet s.a.w. Its through by actions that speak how much we love the Prophet s.a.w and how we endure the test we are going through each day in our life. Its not easy but we have to strive in order to achieve his love. It reminded me of an incident that a guy from the mawlid ensemble refused to attend an event which we honor the Prophet s.a.w just because they weren't allow to play drums for their Qasidah. Mind you, he thought hes above the Shaykh who is leading the event.Some of the group members followed his request via sms and didnt turn up for the event. It was such a notoriously shameful for such people who claimed to play drums for the love of Prophet s.a.w while their protest on the decision for not allowing to play drum is not attending the event.

It sadden me because every week the same group of guys practicing their drums and singing Qasidah are the one who walk out from the event.Then somehow, someone was making a remark by saying" Are their love for prophet s.a.w and Saints genuine or was it for the drums?" Its something that question my heart, are we honest and genuinely love the prophet s.a.w or fame is what we are looking for? I know everyone was eager to impress the people whom was attending the event but I honestly felt it not the right way of boycotting your Prophets event when you make such concrete claim that you love the prophet s.a.w. I dont want to be judgemental here, so let it be a lesson, drums or not, the Prophet s.a.w will always be there. If you love the Prophet s.a.w when there is no drum while singing the Qasidah let our hearts be the drum and we dont walk out from the event because we dont want our Prophet s.a.w to abandon us during the judgement day. Ya Rasulluah s.a.w, we need your love and shafaa. Please forgive us and help us, dont leave us alone. Ya Habibulah.

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