Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jamming with the sufis : Rock and Whirling

Jamming with the sufis!

by Khalid Ajmain

I have to admit honestly that I cant live without music. I cant imagine this world without music, It will be terribly dull and boring. Things can't just be in black and white, colour is essential. Perhaps growing up with the music industry scene and tariqa made my preceptions different on certain issuea since I was young. I was really into music and devoted my life to a band that I hoped would one day change the world and have an impact upon humankind. It was the wildest dream we had as a band while playing rythms with lyrics about calling people to start a revolution and change the world. Somehow along the journey, I felt the anger I put into my music overcome me. I was time to quit music and move on to a new life and something better.

I realised I didn't want a career that would spark heaps of cash in the wallet by cursing people who are not up to your standards and conspire against fellow human beings. I took a break from listening to music for a while and it made me temporarily dumb and deaf emotionally. I didn't know what to do with life without music. I felt a void that needed to be filled.

Music has played a major role in the development of Muslim society in the past. History itself acts in evidence to show us today the importance of music. It has became a tool of inspiration for society in its glorious past having advanced in every aspect of knowledge. And its simple because music and art enlightens the heart and soul of a man. It fills the heart with a positive energy that brings you to a greater heights. Its beyond the mind's perception. Listening to music can have a spritual impact.

Al-Kindi used to play guitar, using music as a therapy for mental patients in hospital. Its not only about the culture and passion of a tribe or society but its how music has been able to tranquilize those hearts that are in a shape of despair and longing for a Divine connection. During the Prophet's (s.a.w.) time, music was used in social integration and as a way of expression to celebrate the joy of loving the Beloved. The drums, the singing and clapping, brought a new dimension of spirit to the muslims of Medina. It brought the joy of singing and embracing humanity as different races and religions living side by side without any fear. And who can forget the Sufis who used music as an instrument to invite others to Islam. Such a tool serves to emphasise Islam as a religion of cultivating love to mankind and not fear and hatred. But then of course, we are talking about music contributing positively to society instead of degrading moral values.

I think its time we begin to ponder about the crisis muslims are facing everywhere. Observe the famines, poverty, social unrest, extremism and other ills. In such times we begin to question our faith in the wake of such madness.We seem to be drifting backwards, being left far behind due to our own narrow-mindedness. We block our own hearts from being creative and delete inspirations on our own progress in life. Instead we thrive on things that doen't solve the matters of our daily issues. We engross ourselves in politics as though we have the power to do better than those whom God has chosen to be in positions appointed to them. We think we can do a better job that doesn't concern us when we can't even look after our own personal matters. We engage in debates and thrive on heated discussions. Its time we made sense of our own selves.

I am not saying that we should be absolutely liberal in what we do but rather that we should revive our lost heritage: music and poetry, which serves drive us to enrich our creativity within and aid us in the true understanding of love. Over the years, bands from the likes of Dewa, Forever Haqqani that incorporate a theme of whirling dervishes; the reunion of rock-artistes such as M.Nasir, Ramli Sharip and Hanafi Warren; former pop-rock guru Cat Stevens now known as Yusuf Islam, Qawwali acts such as The Sabri brothers and Nusrat Fateh Khan continue to inspire us with such enlightening sounds.

So let us enrich our natural desire to journey in knowing what love is truly about, a journey that assists us in cleansing the heart from worldly diseases and transforming it into a receiver to the Divine. A heart devoid of music is a lifeless heart.
Above pic is Mawlana Shaykh Hisham with Ahmad Dhani from Dewa and the Naqshbandi Haqqani Rabbani whirling Dervishes from Indonesia


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bismillah, salaams
nice article,
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wassalaam mustafa

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bismillah irahman iraheem
Allahummah sali ala sayyid na Muhammad abduk wa rasuluk wa nabi wa ummi wa ala ahlihi wa sahbihi wa salaam, may Allah azza wa jall unviel you to the door way of His Divine Presence.
your sis on the path

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"I Believe that to truly love is the ultimate expression of the will to live.

Because living itself is an obstacle, where the illusions of love are voluminous. . ."


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