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Remembering a Friend of God :Habib Anis al-Habshi

Remembering a Friend of God

Habib Anis al-Habshi

BY Khalid Ajmain, Singapore

Innalillahi wainna ilaihi rojiun. We belong to Allah and unto Him we shall return.

The world is in the state of despair upon hearing the news of Habib Anis bin Alwi bin Ali al-Habshi passed away on Monday 1600 WIB (6/11/2006). He is a descendant of our Beloved Prophet (s.a.w.) and his grandfather Habib Ali al-Habshi composed Mawlid al-Habshi also known as Simtud Duror.

The last time I saw Habib Anis was 2 days before I left for Singapore. His face was full of light and he had his usual humble smile. He held my hand and said, "Do send my salams to Shaykh Abdul Maqsud".You could feel they both had a spiritual bond connecting their hearts together. Their longing to meet each other was intense. As I recalled, before I left for Solo, Indonesia, Shaykh Abdul Maqsud told me of his love for Habib Anis al-Habshi and during that period of time I didnt know much about Habib Anis, only learning it from Shaykh Abdul Maqsud.

When the news was passing around about the death of Habib Anis al-Habshi, I managed to talk to Shaykh Abdul Maqsud on the phone. His tone was very sad indeed; a tone that I never heard before from him. He was asking me, "Khalid, Habib Anis passed away?". He repeated many times to me, I shed tears listening to his voice saying this sad news. I hesistated saying undeniably, "Yes, Habib Anis had passed away." We both then remained in silence for a moment, trying to grip the reality of knowing someone you love is no longer around. Shaykh Abdul Maqsud told me a month ago that he knew Habib Anis for more than a decade. Each time I meet him, he always told me the beautiful story of Habib Anis till I fell in love with him.
After the Mawlid at Masjid Riyadh, Solo (a mosque built by Habib Anis' father, Habib Alwi al-Habshi) I managed to give my salams to Habib Anis. It was my first day and I told him Shaykh Abdul Maqsud from Singapore sent his salams to him. When he heard the name Shaykh Abdul Maqsud, his face changed and you could feel his longing for his beloved friend. According to Shaykh Abdul Maqsud, Habib Anis is beyond an ordinary man. I witnessed it myself when I was with him, spending my time with his rohah and other classes. Indeed a Friend of God is one who is humble and always loves to serve the poor just like the Prophet (s.a.w.) Habib Anis himself reminds me of Habib Ali bin Jafar al-Idrus from Batu Pahat, Malaysia. Perhaps the light in their faces make them similliar in certain ways.

Habib Anis' maqam lays beside his father Habib Alwi al-Habshi at the entrance of the mosque they built. Thousandsof people pay respects to them from the President of the country to the commoners. Life in Solo changed without Habib Anis around.

The love between Habib Anis and Shaykh Abdul Maqsud always remains in my heart and I feel they both deserve each other upon entering Paradise. I thank Allah for allowing me to know His Beloved Friends. May the blessings of the awliya forgive our sins and may our love for them make us closer to Prophet (s.a.w.) and Allah (s.w.t.)

Khalid Ajma'in

p/s: I know this is an old piece of news and article but for the love of Habib Anis that is part of me. I decide to post this article again.


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Ummi's BLOG said...

The first time i saw habib Anis was at Habib Abbas house during a maulid.
Thanks for sharing this story.