Friday, January 19, 2007

We welcome you. "Oh Muharram"

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-RahimAs-salamu alaikum,

Last Juma Khutba of Dhu-l Hijja, 12.1.07

O people, just we are reaching the end of 1427 of (the) Islamic calendar and next week- insha Allah - we hope to reach to a new year for (the) Islamic calendar, Muharram, Muharramu-l haram that Allah Almighty honored it (with) such an honor that other months (are) never granted.

O people, take your care! O people, don’t be cheated that (the) majority of people (is) running on (the) wrong way and (is) swimming through sewage channels that people (are) falling in it and (are) jumping and enjoying (in it)!

O people, try to be clean ones, from clean ones! Try to be clean, because only clean ones (are) going to be saved on Judgment Day and only clean ones (are) going to enter Paradise, only clean ones (are) going to be accepted for Paradise.

O people, try to keep (the) Heavenly Orders of your Lord Almighty Allah. If not, His Punishment (is) coming with His Divinely Anger to take His Revenge from those people, whom they are denying (Him) and (who are) saying: “(There is) no God.” But - Allah Almighty He is patient - now (are) coming days that they should be caught and that they should be punished!

O people, don’t be cheated that (the) majority of people (is) running, swimming in dirty sewage channels. Take your care and try to be from clean ones. Clean ones they are only (those) whom they are following Prophets. And the Seal of Prophets (was) just coming to guide people to (the) clean way, the way of Paradise, the way that (is) reaching to Allah Almighty!

This suhbah was transcript and send by Khairiyah from Cyprus

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