Monday, July 14, 2008

A Friend indeed is a friend who is there for you

The past 2 days i spent with Ashaari made me realize how much I miss him as a friend. He didnt change even though he started a new life with his own family. He was the same guy when i've known for the past 14 years. I grew up wif him in the music scene. Back then, we were always jamming, playing gigs, moshing, finger pointing, stage diving and hanging out. Music and soccer was our religion. Somehow along the way, I needed a change for my life and Allah sent me Ashaari as he embraced Islam. I was his witness. I was there to listen to his shahadah at that particular moment, the atmosphere was dead silent but in my heart, i was in tears. I didn't know I was going to be part of someone's journey to Allah.

There are times when he and I went through troubled periods after he became a Muslim. Although it's tough, Ashaari kept on striving forward and often smiled even when he was in difficulties. I learnt a lot from him. He is the sort of friend who doesn't pick and choose who he wants to be with in his life. He embraces everyone. And I know because whenever i need him, he's there for me. I never heard him backbiting or get against any of his friends.He was not the kind of friend who goes against another friend behind the back. Even in disagreement with anyone of us, he will discuss in an adab way. It's rare to find such a friend. However, we acknowledge each one of us have strengths and weaknesses. This is what i realize when I contemplate the moment I spent with Ashaari. He often looks at your positive than negative side cause he knows he himself is not perfect. Khawajah Shah Naqshband said "If you look at the faults of your friends, you will be friendless." True friends are the ones who will be there for you in the times you need them.

I also remembered the time he introduced me to Shaykh Zakaria. He said to me, there is a tauhid class at darul, the ustaz is good and i decided to join him. I was attracted to Shaykh Zakaria's humbleness and sincerity in teaching. There was a huge crowd attending the class and everyone enjoyed the session. There was once when Shaykh Zakaria came late for the class, everyone was eagerly waiting for him when he came into the class, he smiled and laughed and everyone started to laugh wif him. It was such a miraculous moment for me.

Ashaari also invited me when Mawalana Shaykh Nazim visited Singapore.I never had such spiritual experience before. Although I was searching for a path for almost 2 years, never did I know I will meet mawlana. It's amazing to discover spirituality after being in such a void state for so long. The zikir at Maqam Habib noh was indeed an unforgettable episode in my life. I realize mawlana sent both of us to be together, in a way if we find a way to appreciate our friends, it will benefit us, that is the main purpose of servanthood. There is a hadith, if i remember clearly based on a friend who brings you to heaven and hell. Therefore, friendship is vital in many ways, it makes you strong to seek the path to Allah.

Until today I would seek his opinions or advice because after seeing what he went through in his life and marriage. I have no doubt learning from someone experience will make you a better person. No doubt our friendship being tested from time to time, perhaps a little of patience and understanding one another, make us realize we need each other. We doa and hope with the blessing of Awliyah, Prophet s.a.w and Allah, we remain as friends till our last breath and we together will be under the dome of our beloved Mashaykh and Prophet s.a.w

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