Thursday, July 24, 2008

Losing tooth

Yesterday, I lost a tooth after battling for so long against the bleed in my mouth which I have been having for many months. I realize there is nothing I can do about it. It hurts but I don't have a choice. Doctor said its becoming worst and its link with cancer and other sort of sickness. I was very sad about it. I was in daze thinking how it can happen to me. But I hope and search for a miracle. It remind me of my late dad. He had dialysis since I was 12 years old. My dad survived for 14 years. He knew when he was on such condition, he's going to died and he said in tears with me, to look after my mom. I didn't know how the pain feel like. Each time he had dialysis he will be weak and in the state of semi concisenesses. Its true, you never know how it feels like going through some pain until you experience it yourself. But one thing my dad taught me, not to give up and continue to strive. He used to say for anything to happen, there is a blessing in disguise.

I felt his hope and strength whenever I feel the pain in my mouth or in abdomen. He used to say be happy even in pain because, there is Allah who knows what you are going through. Therefore, Allah is teaching us to be patience, humble and contented. Nobody knows what you are going through until they face the same situation as you. Its easier said than done. Another strength I gain is to remember what my mom went through. She had a coma for 3 months. Doctor claimed, all hope is gone but in the end she revive and survive until today. Alhamdulilah. Anything can happen to us in life but we should face any problems and challenges with an open heart. I felt difficult to explain to people whats on my mind and heart, its takes a very long time. I am sure it hurts many people. Its my weakness to open my mouth and say whats in my heart. I dont know whats going to happen tomorrow but like my dad said, there are people who wont understand you, cause it takes long time for people who have no experience of going through something, the same for you, having difficulties in understanding others. Time heals the pain and surrow.

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Ummi's BLOG said...

Salaams Bro Khalid,

your post brought some tears to my eyes. I pray that Allah will ease the pain that you have and bestow you with good health again.
Thanks for sharing and advising that Allah knows our pain. Yes, indeed nothing escape Allah (swt).

Hang in there bro....