Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jumaah mubarak

Today is the first Jumaah in the blessed month of Rejab. Jumaah Mubarak everyone! Alhamdulilah, we are thankful to Allah swt for his love, mercy and guidance as we seek his forgiveness for our unlawful behaviour which we are unaware in each seconds of our life. Everything we do in this life being part of the temporary world is Ibadah. Our work is Ibadah, our friendship is Ibadah, seeking knoweldge is Ibadah, to help fellow human beings regardless of their race or religion is also an Ibadah and marriage is also an ibadah. The goal in life is Allah. Our hearts aim is Allah and nothing else matter. So everything we do in life is connected to Allah swt, merely to say everything is HIM and we are nothing. Our purely existence is just a shadow and Allah is the only REAL EXISTENCE. If Allah doesnt give us sight, can we see with our eyes, if Allah doesnt give us voice are we able to talk? If Allah doesnt allow us to walk even when we have legs, can we walk? The only time humans understand this is when he or she was hit by a stroke and he or she is not mobile then they realize its Allah who make me move and its Allah who make everything in this world possible for me. So who am I? Nothing not even the worth of a dust.

Allah created every single creations with HIS wisdom and absoulte power that each creations have its own beauty and Allah created in such a way for the creations to glorify Allah in its own way. Allah swt said in a hadith Qudsi I am a hidden creations therefore I create creations so they know me. The sole purpose of being in Tariqah is to realize and know only Allah and rely only to Allah and have certainty anything that happen in life, only Allah have the key to everything. may Allah forgive me and bless you.

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Welcome to Islam said...

Jumaah Mubarak to you and family. What an awesome blog youve here. Keep 'em coming. JazakAllah Khairan for sharing your thoughts and inspiring articles and wisdoms from the eminence scholars and Habaibs.